Take me into the fight and I'm an easy brother. And I'm on fire.
Take me into the fight and I'm an easy brother. And I'm on fire.
when-pigs-fly14 asked:

Ohmygod when I saw your post with the David Bowie caption beneath it from Heroes I can't tell how happy that made me feel. You literally understand me!! Oh my days just the prophecy of the seven and Heroes, my favourite song ever, thank you:) x

wait a minute i simply love that song, can we be friendsss. so, about that picture. while I was editing it, i was listening to heroes and I was like “wait a minute that song is perfect for the seven” and omg it was awesome to put them both togetherrr!! thank YOU, you rock <3

hey guys sorry for the little hiatus but i just wanted to say that i came back and saw it. yeah, i saw it. MORE. THAN. ONE. THOUSAND. FOLLOWERS. i honestly can’t believe it and i can’t even express my feels now so just tHANK YOU for being so freaking awesome since the beginning. i honestly love you tons, xoxo

Anonymous asked:

You're art is simply gorgeous. The emotion depicted from Percy and Annabeth is beautiful. I feel as if you don't get enough recognition for these pieces of art. They're stunning.

omg wait I didn’t draw any of those, all the credits go to the its artists. I only edit their drawings, so if you’re referring to that, tHANK YOU SO MUCH IT MEANS A LOT AND AW

Hello, my beautiful followers!

Just came here to give a shout out to my other blog (it’s new okay, be nice), where I’ll be posting photoshop resources, twitter icons and things like that. Wanna check it out? Click here!

seaweedbraens asked:

your blog is so awesome omfg I liked half your posts :3

omgggg, thank you soooo much <3 awn, that’s so cute, seriously, thanksss